Past Events

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Conversations with Rev. Gabriel Salguero
October 11-12, 2010

  • Brown Rising: The Emergence of Latino Evangelicals
  • Immigration and The Clash of Civilizations
  • Global Church: Spirituality and Power

LEAP Conference
Local Engagement Against Poverty
March 17-19, 2011

  • Production of Nickel and Dimed: On Not Getting By in America
  • The Faces of Homelessness
  • Survivor: Poverty-- It's Not a Game (poverty simulations and role play)
  • Service and Volunteerism Fair
  • Loose the Chains of Injustice: Extreme Poverty Must End
  • Speak Out: It's Time for the Church to Open Its Big Mouth
  • Poverty and the Politics of Religion
  • What Can We All Do to Make Progress Against Poverty in Macon?
  • Soup Kitchen Dinner and Shanty on the Quad
  • Conference Service Day
  • Florida Modern-Day Slavery Mobile Museum

Christian Faith, Moral Values, and Public Service: Two Views From Capitol Hill- Joshua Trent & Katie Paris
October 4, 2011

  • Christian Faith, Vocation, and Public Service
  • Federal Healthcare Reform: Competing Christian Perspectives
  • The Healthcare Reform Debate
  • Faithful Discipleship, Politics, and Government





Can We Find Common Ground on Abortion?
Rachel Laser & Dr. David Gushee
January 24-25, 2012

Rachel Laser and Dr. David Gushee speak at Mercer's Law School about Abortion, Law, and the 2012 Elections January 25, 2012.

February 27-28. 2012
McAfee School of Theology William L. Self Lectures
Featuring Brian McLaren
"Preaching Peace in a Crumbling Empire"


  • "What is the Gospel in the Age of Empire?" Atlanta campus, ACC 280
  • "Preaching and Eucharist in a Declining Empire," Atlanta campus, ACC 280
  • "Preaching and Politics in a Crumbling Empire," Atlanta campus, Day Hall Auditorium

April 19-21, 2012
CTPL/CBF A [Baptist] Conference on Sexuality and Covenant


Contemporary social trends are raising profound and often painful challenges to traditional Christian sexual ethics. Many Christians and churches are today struggling to discern God’s intention in the area of sexuality. Because sexuality is such a complex, personal, and sometimes controversial topic, it is often difficult to discuss. But just because issues are difficult does not free Christians from the responsibility of discussing them. Offering teaching, counseling, and moral formation related to sexuality is one essential component of Christian discipleship. This Conference on Sexuality and Covenant aims to provide Baptist Christians, and other interested Christians, the opportunity to have the realistic, honest, and compassionate conversations we need to undertake.

Press Releases:

Associated Baptist Press ; Dr. David Gushee's Preview 1 ; 2 ; 3



October 2: Trustees Dining Room, Atlanta, 12-1pm- Election 2012: Why Should I Care?

October 2: President's Dining Room, Macon 7pm - Election 2012: Why Should I Care?

November 6: McAfee Chapel, Day Hall, Atlanta 10:45am - "Gentleness in a Violent Election Year," Dr. David Gushee

November 26-27: McAfee Atlanta - Rev. Wendell Griffen, class visit and chapel

April 2-4: McAfee Atlanta - "King's Letter from Birmingham Jail: Lessons for the Church Today"



Catholic Bioethicist Dr. Charles Camosy 

  • September 29: Trustees Dining Room, Atlanta, 12-1pm
  • "Can We Do Bioethics Without Religion?"
  • September 30: Cecil B. Day Hall Auditorium, Atlanta, 10:45-11:45am 
  • "Moral Consistency"



Film Viewing: Theologians Under Hitler
On September 8th, we welcomed filmmaker Steven D. Martin to host a viewing of his film "Theologians Under Hitler," which examines the lives of three great Christian theologians who supported Hitler and the Nazi Regime. We discussed how this happened, and what it means for the church and ministers today.


Fall 2016

Lisa Sharon Harper

On November 14-15th, Lisa Sharon Harper from Sojourners will address students in various venues - class, chapel, and lunch. These events will be part of her book tour of The Very Good Gospel: How Everything Wrong Can Be Made Right.


Spring 2017

Henry Mugabe

Join us on February 21 as we hear from Henry Mugabe, a Zimbabwean Christian ethicist. Dr. Mugabe is the Principal of the Zimbabwe Theological Seminary, a recently formed ecumenical seminary. He received his Ph.D. from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Jim Wallis

Jim Wallis from Sojourners will be speaking at a variety of events on February 28-March 1. Jim Wallis is a New York Times bestselling author, public theologian, speaker, and international commentator on ethics and public life. He is president and founder of Sojourners, where he is also editor-in-chief of Sojourners magazine, which has a combined print and electronic media readership of more than a quarter million people.