Christian Social Ethics MDiv Certification


The Christian Social Ethics certification is one of ten programs in McAfee School of Theology's Master of Divinity program. This certification offers students a variety of courses that address issues of social ethics and the quest for justice as an aspect of the reign of God. Courses are drawn from a variety of fields including Christian ethics, evangelism and missions, theology, ministry, and biblical studies. The goal of this certification is to prepare students for work in settings emphasizing analysis of and resistance to social evils as an aspect of Christian witness and service in the world. Recipients of this certification will be equipped to pursue a variety of callings including academic service in fields related to social ethics, church or parachurch social ministry efforts at various levels, and service in nongovernmental organizations.

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Listen to Center Director Dr. David Gushee and some of our recent graduates explain the program in their own words:


Sample Courses

  • Ethics of Human Dignity
  • Special Topics: Baptist Social Ethicists
  • Christian Ethics, Law, and Public Policy
  • Peace, Justice, and Reconciliation
  • The Kingdom of God
  • Social Justice in the Old Testament
  • Prophetic Preaching
  • Sexual Ethics
  • African American Ethics

Listen to recent graduates discuss influential courses they took in the Christian Social Ethics track: